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  HCL Command Requests
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Aue Post subject:    PostPosted: Jul 06, 2010  
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mikar wrote:
Hi RocketRusty,

thank you very much for the work on the map. I think you do a great job. Personally, i love HCL but I'd like to make the request that you seperate ingame "rules messages" from clan tags so that everyone can use it.
For instance "z" for an ingame message that says that spawn camping is not welcome or "y" that prints an ingame message that leaving during noob time might earn you a temporary ban.


Rakim, if you are using your own bot to host games regularly and would like to use your own rules. I suggest you apply for a customized HCL. Ofcourse this would mean you would have the same rules every game(something that normaly shouldn't be a problem), but then again you can also have customized messages about whatever might suit you. Like: "This game is hosted by Rakim, give me a whisper if you are looking for an ITT game and I might help you." Or whatever might suit your taste.
Making a seperate hcl command is time consuming and not really nececary unless you intend to change your rules every game Smile

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