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  TwGB Spring Tournament - Information

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c0rr0sive Post subject: TwGB Spring Tournament - Information    PostPosted: Mar 19, 2010  

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TwGB Spring Tournament Information

We are currently planning our Spring Tournament. It will be at 6:00 PM EST unlike the previous tournament on a Friday night, and every night thereafter until complete.
We would like this tournament to be a bit moreÖ challenging for the players, thus there will be no perma snaring allowed, and there will be a different setup.

If the new version of ITT comes out two weeks prior to the start of the tournament, then we will host the OLD version, but if it comes out sooner, we will host the LATEST version.

If this game becomes official there will be an admin on team one, then a council member with admin abilities on the second team.

Below are the basics

Signup Date Starts: March 24th 2009
Signups End: April 16th 2009
Team Setup: 3v3
Modes: no boats, no horn
Time: 6:00 PM April 23rd
Admins: Unknown
Council Members: Unknown
Official: Not yet
Rules: All basic TwGB rules that are found at
No perma snaring.


Q: Where do I sign up at?
A: In one place, and only one place, Clan TwGB @ Azeroth.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: When in channel Clan TwGB type      .mail c0rr0sive[tvgb] player1, player2, player3, teamname
(Please, have a TEAM captain as the person doing the signup, I will relay info to your captain)
(You will get a message saying that mail has been sent or something similar)

Q: What do I do if I am unable to show?
A: There is nothing you can do, your name will be erased and a filler put there.

Q: What do I do if I miss the signup period?
A: You wonít be able to signup for the tournament, but if you join the channel on the date/time it starts, you will be given the chance to become a filler.

Q: Will this be a multirealm tournament?
A: No, as that becomes even more of a hassle for us, the bot will host across multiple realms, but, privately, you will only know the games if an admin whispers the name to you.

Q: If I am from another realm may I still play?
A: Yes, you can, but you must come to Azeroth in order to participate.

Q: How do I find out when I am playing if I have signed up?
A: I will send you a mail message two days after the signups have closed, just swing by Clan TwGB, and type !inbox for information on your play time/date.

Q: Where can I find more official information regarding this tournament?
A: Clan TwGB staff will post all information in the Serious Games Discussion link at in a thread titled TwGB Spring Tournament  
You can also find the same information at in the Events link under Clan News.

Q: How will this tournament work?
A: Elimination style, of course, it is a ďpyramidĒ setup, who you vs. is based upon who EVER registers before or after you, we WILL be using a bot to host the game, so if you can play on our bot fine on the other realms, you can still come to Azeroth and still get the SAME quality of game play.

Q: What map version will we be using if the new ITT map releases?
A: We will most likely use 2.48d, unless the new ITT map releases atleast 15 days PRIOR to the tournament start date.

Q: Iím not a part, nor a member of Clan TwGB, may I still participate?
A: Yes, other clans or clanless players may participate, any other clan can have as many of there members in our tournament as they feel. I do request though, that each clan have there teams named Team (Clanname), examples are, Team Sort, Team Tdit, and so on, but they are to have only one OFFICIAL clan team.

Q: If I need more information, who should I contact?
A: Email Ė Be advised it can take 7 days before I get your message as I hardly check that account. Otherwise, just stop by the channel and see if I am alive.

Q: What happens if I disconnect?
A: You get a loss, plain and simple, as I canít tell if it is your end, or mine, it is usually your end though. (We have had issues with people randomly dropping in the past, but that happens in groups of people through out all the games the bot hosts.)

Q: What happens if there are desync issues?
A: The game will be ended, and possibly postponed until we can resolve the issue, we canít always resolve them, so it will usually be a loss for whomever we canít keep from desyncing.

Q: I live in Australia/Europe or another area in an entirely different timezone, and itís early morning or near impossible for me to play at your scheduled time, can I play against people that are in my time zone?
A: Whatís the point in this question?  I am sorry, but, it is impossible to arrange a tournament in a fashion where EVERYONE can play in a timely mannor, what would happen if a Euro had to play an Aussie?  Thatís a large difference in time zones, so it would be to diffcult.

Q: I live in Australia/Europe and can play when ever, or I live in an area that has no GOOD internet connection, what am I able to do in order to decrease my spikes?
A: The bot will have a sync limit of 75, and latency set at 100 by default, this is generally a good setup for people that play on dial up or cable.  If we must, an admin can set the latency to 150 maximum while doing this though, you will have a slightly longer delay between clicks and the actions actually happening.  If a lag screen appears, an admin may increase the sync limit to 100, but no further, as you can get to far out of sync.

Q: I have a trick, but, itís not a known trick, and causes the game to behave oddly, may I use this trick?
A: No, that is a glitch, and glitching, is a ban.


Hostbot Status: Online
TwGB Website/Forums:
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