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  C-C-C-Combobreaker Rules

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Toxic_Ninja Post subject: C-C-C-Combobreaker Rules    PostPosted: May 29, 2009  
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What constitutes as a combo:

A combo must follow 2 simple rules.
1. The last 3 consecutive posts must have been quotes of eachother.
2. The most recent post in the combo must be a minimum of 5 combos inside of combos.
That meaning:

How to break the combo:
Simply post something such as "break","Combo breaker", or any variation or similarity to that. You must not quote the combo to reference what you are breaking, if you do this you will just become a part of the combo. Then you should call out how many points you have gained (Read next section for more on points), but this is not required but your score does not change.
You can break a combo you are part of to stop anyone from getting points for it.

A few guidelines.
* You cannot get points for a combo that you are part of (that meaning: if you were one of the posts in the quotes, you cannot receive points).
* Points are equal to the number of quotes inside quotes in the most recent block of quotes. This means you will receive a minimum of 5 points if you follow all of the guidelines.
* If you proclaim a combo breaker and it goes against the guidelines you lose points equal to how many you proclaimed you have obtained in the break.

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