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  difference in nanmu furniture, for materials

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chenchen12495 Post subject: difference in nanmu furniture, for materials    PostPosted: Aug 12, 2017  
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<p>commonly known as: lignumvitae, mesuaferrea iron, iron wood, chestnut ridge, water incense Erythrophleum fordii and so on, it is not belong to five genera of eight types of mahogany 34 tree species. But mesuaferrea wood than major, high hardness, is a rare &quot;wood&quot;, mainly distributed in the tropical regions of Asia, such as India, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indochina, China Yunnan, </p>
<p>Guangxi, Guangdong and other places are also cultivated. Mesuaferrea can be subdivided into thick filaments and filaments of two kinds of Ironwood Mesua ferrea, thick wire Mesua ferrea is mainly used for wood furniture, wood color is dark brown, rough texture, brown eyes of different lengths and uniform distribution, and some were like hank. Tieli wood color is red brown filaments, beautiful natural texture, </p>
<p>a little bit closer to the chicken wing wood, smooth, good approximate patina ferreous Mesua furniture mahogany furniture, but also very easy to distinguish carefully found with the wings of wood between coarse grain mesuaferrea linear texture. Compared with other mahogany wood, the price is slightly lower and mesuaferrea, aniseed, so during the Ming and Qing Dynasties craftsman timber is loose, </p>
<p>decking manufacturers in south africa<br />
composite timber deck<br />
WPC decking and bamboo flooring</p>

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