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mohamedsameer Post subject: dream    PostPosted: Apr 02, 2017  

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Liposuction is safe or dangerous?
Liposuction is the only operation in the world that does not contain any dangerous, contrary to what many people think, especially in the Arab world and because of fear of her experience and it's quick results and this depending on the group you talked with her about those processes, and you must know that there are over a million successful liposuction process occur every year worldwide.

The benefits of liposuction operations:
Working to reduce the number of cancerous cells that contain grease when overweight rises in the number of cells that contain grease and with time yzedad the size of each cell, and that's what makes man gets obesity which is why when you drag them fat returns to normal size and with Sir on diet and sport proves the size of cells and therefore proves human weight.
Scientists recommended in all corners of the world with some tips to keep in mind until liposuctions properly without some side effects and that the person has over 18 years and you have to be fairly healthy, especially diabetics and you must visit the doctor to find out if you're in no condition to do that process or not and you shouldn't do that process in people who suffer from weakness, would'nt or arteries Disease is a danger to them.
Despite the amazing results of liposuction operations but not long term treatment when the Huns suction body becomes taut and inconsistent, but genes that play Alor be Huns still exist and the person who hopes to get this body permanently to listen to the doctor's instructions and advice given by him to continue in that body stretched and before the operation you should see the results that you will most likely get it and stuff. That'll do it after the operation and all aspects that will go on to become fully recovered going into this wonderful experience and her weight loss and fitness dream.

منع تساقط الشعر

سن المراهقه

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