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  Latest ITT and Changelog
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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Dec 02, 2009  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes 2.48 EpicWar
Island Troll Tribes 2.48 MapGnome
Island Troll Tribes 2.48 Megaupload

- Fixed an item expoit
- Fixed Sniff and Homing Beacon
- Fixed a thief expoit
- Fixed Diseased Meat convertion on pick-up
- Fixed a merchant exploit
- Fixed Spirit Ward not allowing revivals after being killed during hero revival
- Disease now has a 0.3 second cooldown to prevent shift-click spam abuse
- Ally/Enemy color minimap is enabled
- Slightly optimized initization of the map
- Fixed starting shoreline for North West island, looked "cut-off"
- Heat/HP/Energy will start at same time for all picked and randomed trolls
- Team Stats multiboard redone, size optimized
- Improved comestics/aesthetics
- Subbing optimized and re-selects for you
- Optimized the deselection on enemy buildings (slightly faster)
- Buildings are unusable by other enemy players (like armory)
- Updated some tooltips
- Item warp is enabled and fixed for Omnigatherer (supersub gatherer)
- Fixed desync/disconnect problem
- Optimized several functions
- Mutiboard with modes at the beginning of the game
- Optimized trade boat functions, some slight changes with waits
- Reconfigurated ability hotkeys:
Sleep - [F] from [R]
Eat Corpse - [D] from [E]

Net - [R]
Track - [E] from [T]
Greater Track - [E] from [T]

Teleport - [R] from [T]
Cloak - [E] from [W]

Reveal - [E] from [V] (said [R] on tooltip)
Greater Reveal - [E] from [V]
Ward the area - [R] from [Z]

Enemy Radar - [W] from [R]
Enemy Radar - [W] from [R]
Greater Reveal - [E] from [V]
Ward the area - [R] from [Z]
Motion Radar - [T] from [E]
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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Dec 05, 2009  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes 2.48b EpicWar
Island Troll Tribes 2.48b MediaFire
Island Troll Tribes 2.48b MapGnome

- Quick fix for (fire) abuse, other buildings will remain uncontrollable.
* Tents were never changed

- Fixed leaver message
- Mage/Fires can be controlled by enemies again to prevent abuse
- Hints are presented with "Hint: "
- Turning off/on hints will send a message to the player
- Hints can be turned off/on at the beginning of the game

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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Dec 21, 2009  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes 2.48c EpicWar

- Boats wait at their stops for longer because they do not go backwards anymore since 2.48

- Boats return to their "normal" points of stop (no more stopping a bit earlier)
- Further fixed an exploit with boats
- Optimized dummy spell casting
- Using hints off will completely turn off hints
- Fixed a glitch with reselection of subs
- Optimized commands
- (-cn) command can be inputted in two ways, eg: (-cnLOLOL) and (-cn LOLOL) have the same results (limit: 15 characters), to have your name be "empty", you must use (-cn ) <- 2 spaces
- (-cc) command same as (-cn) input style
- Added (-ms) command to show the movement speed of the player's troll (if alive & exists)

- Fixed a Disease Potion exploit
- Fixed the trade boat glitch when Troll Hut is bought out
- Fixed Mage Fire heat glitch
- Fireball scroll is now included in same cooldown as all spears (excluding dark spear)

- Optimized Tele-Gather (gatherers) functions
- Fixed Tele-Gather (omnigatherer)
- Enabled and fixed Item Warp (omnigatherer)
- Fixed and optimized Electromagnet (elementalist)
- All Cloak (thieves) abilities give a slight vision when used
- Frost Blast (mages) tooltip updated
- Fowl Play (chicken bm) tooltip updated
- Net (warrior) is now outside the spellbook for convenience
- Fixed an exploit with Priest
- Reconfigurated Hotkeys (2nd set)
1. Telegather - [T] -> [E]

1. Null Damage - [D] -> [R]

1. Fowl Play - [F] (conflict w/ sleep) -> [R]
2. Pet Commands - [none] -> [R]

1. Assassinate - [W] -> [E]
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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Dec 21, 2009  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes 2.48d Clan SBL (direct)
Island Troll Tribes 2.48d EpicWar

- Quick fix version for trading boat item glitch and some minor bugs.

- Revival (spirit ward) will restore full energy
- Fixed an item buying glitch with trading ships

- Fowl Play (bm) tooltip updated
- Pump Up (priest) tooltip updated
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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Jun 07, 2010  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes 2.50b Google Code (direct)
Island Troll Tribes 2.50b MediaFire

v2.50 -> v2.50b

- Added Clan Listing in Quests (from ITT Wiki)

- No altar minimap icon
- Teleport Beacon shows range effect on selection/deselection removes
- Ensnare quick make searches for bone first then stick for the second slot

- Bosses now have 25% more magic damage reduction
- All Bosses are ancient, and immune to net, including Hydra
- Mammoth starts hostile
- Fixed DD and Hydra spawn horn sound
- Hydra path extended and changed (reaches out into the oceans now and longer)
- Lowered Hydra acquisition range (meaning it will attack when an enemy is in that range, partially addressing shore base attack)
- Higher Hydra damage, lower lesser hydra damage
* Magic Mist [?] -> [S]

* Cannot jump to certain unwalkable places

- Null Damage was still [W] but said [R], displays key [W] now

- Fixed -no trees

- Increase (-c ####) to max of 5000

- Fixed Hydra item creation
- Adding vision tracking for the bow, for fixing casting interruption
- Fixed making Dark Thistles
- Fixed Battle Gloves creation
- Fixed Anal. Boots taking only 1 of anal. potions in a stack of 2
- Fixed cloak glitching, and reduced cloak of flames range from 220 to 150
- Hydra Claw: Attack Speed Reduction [30% -> 25%], lasting on trolls [7 secs -> 4.5 secs] (7 secs on units still)

Request clan custom message and modes on the forums.

v2.48d -> v2.50 *updated

- Changed duplicated item icons
- Changed item recipe ward terrain/display
- Changed mode board to display two columns of commands
- Expanded map, moved item recipes and duel arena to extension
- Fixed some mode descriptions on mode board
- Fixed/Optimized several core triggers and functions
- Implemented an anti-stuck boat system for trading boats
- Moved Alligator Islands outwards
- Optimized Boat Trade Spawn
- Optimized Spawn Animals/Fishes functions
- Slight terrain change for pathing problem areas
- Dying few seconds before noob time ends will revive your troll
- New Loading Screen

- Added (-c) to zoom out/in (default: 0) bounded -2000 to 3000
- Added (-sc) and (-ac) to toggle team share control/advance control respectively
- Added (-hcl) to show current game HCL (if any)
- Changed (-hints on/off) to toggle with (-h)
- Fixed (-i am noob) command

- Player to enter modes will be the first human player from RED down to BROWN
- Added (-no trade) command to disable troll merchants and trading boats
- Added (-no shields) command to disable creation of shield-type equipment
- Added (-fs) command to start the game prematurely (4 seconds before the game actually starts)
- Added (-nt) command to set desirable amount of noob time, eg: (-nt 100) => 100 seconds. from 0 to 999
- Added (-equal random) to set an equal seed for both (-all random) and time out randoms.

- Added a new Hydra boss
- Removed two Mid-west The One(s)
- Units under ensnare are protected from further ensnares until after their ensnare
- Alligators level reduction from 20 to 9 (65% reduction)
- Panthers on outside islands changed to Elder Panthers
- Elder Panthers level reduction from 10 to 4 (60% reduction)

- Added Hydra Summoning Altar
- Teleport Beacon cannot teleport trolls onto deep water

- Added Hydra Items
- Added Shield Items
- Shield Items added onto recipe wards
- Fireball Scroll stun duration 1.5 sec -> 1.25 sec on trolls
- Basic Spear stun duration 0.5 sec -> 0.1 sec on trolls
- Iron Spear stun duration 0.75 sec -> 0.2 sec on trolls
- Steel Spear stun duration 1 sec -> 0.3 sec on trolls
- Pinion of Fire buff and impact changed (from fleas)
- Updated Scroll of Cyclone tooltip

- Dementia Master: Fixed a Dementia Summoning glitch being permanent
- Mage: Reduce Food [R] -> [E]
- Priest: Fixed Omnicure
- Tracker: Fixed a bug with Sniff and extended scent lasting from 1 minute to 5 minutes
- Scout: Fixed Living Clay name issue

- = = mode lock (prevents mode player from entering modes)
- "a" = no boats
- "b" = elimination
- "c" = all random
- "d" = no boss items
- "e" = 6v6
- f = equal random
- g = fast start
* General Rule: 1 HCL Letter for 1 Player
* You can combine modes up to 12 modes per game, with 12 players.
* Example: "-hcl ab" is the same as "-hcl ba" and "-hcl baa" and "-hcl bz a" (except player slot usage)
* Remember: This feature is only for GHost++/One bots -- config files/-hcl command

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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Jul 05, 2010  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes v2.50c Pro
Google Code

v2.50b -> v2.50c

- Recoded Camera Distance trigger to reduce lag
- Fixed player dying and then leaving and troll revives during noob time
- Fixed a 6v6 desync problem
- Fixed observer players
- Added Dummy recycling to reduce lag
- Moved Team 3 (Southeast) spawn/respawn to the other beach
- Blocked pathable spots around the center of the map (mammoth/dd cliffs)

- Implemented a new stack and split system*
- Removed Cloak wear-effects (has nothing to do with actual effect)
- Added Cloak recipes to wards
- Fixed Cloak/Battle Shield null effect when subbing with it/giving to allies/etc
- All spear recipes on wards have been detailed, and added more stat descriptions for poison spears
- Item and item recipe icon update
- Bow icon has cooldown showing
- Buffed Cloak of Flames: 5 DPS -> 7 DPS
- Buffed Hydra Scales: 15% -> 35% Melee Dmg Return, +5 armor
- Changed Cloak of Healing: 200%-400% heal -> 100% heal and added a buff when hit
- Buffed Frost attacks/spells: 10% -> 25% AS reduction, 10% -> 15% MS reduction
- Acorn, herb, river bushes' unload fixed - no longer requires first slot to have an item in them to work
- Fixed several item descriptions
- Fixed a possible item exploit

- Snakes are back from extinction... =o

- Hydra summoning recipe changed to fit into possibility of early game summon
- Slightly changed Hydra attack methods/mechanics
- Only one Disc0-Duck may be alive/present at one time.
- Nerfed Hydra's base damage from 65 to 47

- Fire & Mage Fire's heat aura are "AoE", casting 'heat' on any ally troll will heat all friendly trolls around the fire

- Fixed Thief jump bug
- Omnigatherer item warp range corrected, actual range was 1/2 the said range
- Fixed Beast Master unable to tame another pet when current pet is killed

- Reverted a minor change in terrain on Southwest Island (4)

Note: If you want to add additional modes to your clan HCL letter, put the clan HCL at the end
eg: hcl = abcdh[<insert clan hcl letter>]
- "h" = heat mode (-hm)
- "i" = no merchants (-no trade)
- "," = spawn boundaries show (removes after noob time)

- Fixed Hydra Claw typo
- Slightly increased duration of 'Eat Raw Meat' ability
- Changed Hydra Fin's debuff from Bloodlust (no sense) -> Slow
- Increased Fire AoE to 30+ its cast range to comply with WC3's interpretation of range
- Effect timers are now recycled

*New Item Stack/Split System:
- Overflows above stack limit items into another slot if stack limit is reached (eg: Thistles can be broken down..)
- Right-Click-Drag on same item will make two stacks by taking one charge into another slot, or dropped on ground if no slot available
- Right-Click-Drag (mainly after splitting) onto same item but different stack will combine - overflow applies

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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Jul 10, 2010  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes v2.50d Pro

v2.50c -> v2.50d

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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Aug 21, 2010  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Note: This version was released already, about 10 days ago, but I accidentally edited the last version's post instead of posting a new one, making it hard for people to see it was out.
Island Troll Tribes v2.51a Pro
Google Code

v2.50d -> v2.51a

- Teammates of leavers gain their vision (if private), shared controls, and advance controls
- Fixed a crash that was caused by leavers during troll picking
- Added Game Timer in Team Stats title
- Changed Team Stats updates to every second now

- Observers/Replays can now see game messages (modes, etc)
- Observers get updates for trolls leveling, selling, buying, skill learning, reviving, and finish building
- Added Observer commands*

- Increased unpathable bounds around the map

- Updated command list in quest
- (-public) & (-private) -> toggleable (-p)
- (-rn) less colorful, more readable, displays real color and current color of players
- Added (-clear) to clear displayed text messages
- Added (-modes) to display currently established modes

- Fixed modes displaying, now displays to all players instead of only the mode player
- (-test mode) requires player slots in team 2 and 3 to be vacant again
- Added (-beta) to unlock untested beta items to be tested (default disable)**

- Fixed Blowgun (dummy pausing messed up blow gun abilities)
- Hydra Scales: Tooltip fixed
- Hydra Claws: Can cut trees, poison effect works with axes
- Dark Spear and Dark Thistles show mana loss above unit (like mana burn and mage masher)
- Changed Drunk's Potion stack number from 2 to 3
- Camouflage Coat shows cool-down
- Teleport beacon is less strict on pathablility

- Mix Pot:
+ 3-5 butsu => 1 Cure-All

- All:
+ Eat Raw Meat 15 hp -> 25 hp, tooltip fixed

- Almost All:
+ Initial usage of a spell in a spellbook at level 2 for mage, priest, etc does not apply cooldown to whole book

- Hunter:
+ Decreased hero stock from 2 to 1
+ Fixed Ensnare tooltip

- Hypnotist
+ Updated Hyponosis & Dream Eater tooltips

- Priest:
+ Fixed Cure All spell unable to cast on self

- "j" = -beta

*Observer commands are not chat commands, but rather button commands due to WC3 not detecting most events for observers. Simply minimize your observer multiboard to access the commands.

**BETA Items:
- Fire Bomb: Made in Workshop
Smoke Bomb, Flint, Mana Crystal

- Acid Bomb: Mixed in Mixing Pot
2 Special herbs, 2 Special Herbs, River Stem

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RocketRusty Post subject:    PostPosted: Aug 23, 2010  

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Joined: 05 Nov 2008
Posts: 178

Location: box
Island Troll Tribes v2.51b Pro
Google Code

v2.51a -> v2.51b

- Fixed blue's hero disappearing from players leaving
- Updated loading screen

- Fixed stack bug/exploit
- Decreased Fire Bomb AoE from 400 to 150
- Added cooldowns to Fire Bomb and Acid Bomb

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c0rr0sive Post subject:    PostPosted: Jul 13, 2011  

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Joined: 30 May 2009
Posts: 469

Location: KY
Island Troll Tribes ChangeLog 2.52a-2.84d

v2.51b -> v2.52a

Moved Western Orange Bush
Moved Southern Yellow bush
Fixed boat stopping at the south east trade route
Removed hydra for now
Elder panthers are now level 6
Removed a mushroom bush in the middle, a butsu bush on the south west island where there were 2, and a mushroom bush at the far north east corner
Radar scout has farther range for true sight
Booster's fortitude aura works on himself now
Priest can use cure all on enemies
Fixed Ward Bug
Changed the terrain of an island north east of the map, which was accesable by thief, but not by teleport beacon.


v2.52a -> v2.52b

Fixed Beastmaster spawn all, can now use -all beastmaster or -all beast master
Changed terrain in some areas
Fixed the no herbs command, no longer requires no trees to be set


v2.52b -> v2.52c

Fixed a map error


v2.52c -> v2.53a

Removed -beta mode
Added -tko mode, now team killing is disabled during noobtime, must be input the first 10 seconds of a game, use HCL letter p if using a bot.
Disabled famine x2 and survival.
Added Firebomb and Acid bomb to main game.
Lowered Fire Bomb AOE to 135 from 150
Increased Fire Bomb damage slightly.
Increased cost of buyable scrolls due to being op compared to other items from how easily available they are.
Changed SOME terrain, not a perm change if balance is truely thrown off.


v2.53a -> v2.79

The course of MASSIVE development and several beta tests that resulted in w3mmd, nothing worth of note.



Scrolls are back to original costs.
Increased firebomb AOE to 175
Increased Firebomb damage to 79 (hopefully)
Modified -tko to work only after noobtime, not the other way around.
Enabled all disabled modes
Added new building to workshop
Changed Acid Bomb recipie.


v2.80a -> v2.81a

Firebomb has been added to tradeship for purchase
AcidBomb has been added to tradeship for purchase
W3MMD support has been added, it records Gold, Hero Kills, and Deaths in game
Reverted the map size from Epic to Large to fix blackscreen issues with Apple and Linux users (hopefully)
Revamped the TKO system slightly
Fixed the Acid Bomb creation in Mixing Pot, it should now with with 1s/1s/2s/2s/stem/stem
Fixed bug from 2.80b that would cause the game to fatal error when many of the spells where casted.
Added a new Quest Log to display the winners of TwGB Tournaments, this includes the season, and year.
Added Firebomb and Acid bomb drops from select bosses around the map.
Added Defense Ward Kit to tradeship for purchase


v2.81a -> v2.82b

Added Napalm, to create use Firebomb, Firebomb, and Flint in the workshop, burns down trees.
Added Battle Suit, to create use Battle Axe, Battle Shield, Battle Armor, Battle Gloves in the workshop, or buy from new merchant.
Added a Zeppelin Merchant, summon it by using a defensive ward, will travel from mammoth to the d-ward and sit there for the remainder of the game.
Added Battle Axe
Revamped large portions of the script, this is a continuing process.
Added a -sleep off and -sleep on system, use -sleep on to prevent allies from sleeping you, prevents team killing entirely.
Increased Firebomb from 7 to 9 DPS, and AOE from 150 to 170
Lowered the stack limit of Disease and Ultra Poison Spear to 1 maximum.
Increased Acid Bomb Damage


v2.82b -> v2.83a

- 6/20/2011 Increased stupifey cooldown from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
- 6/20/2011 Added Silence to Battle Suit
- 6/20/2011 Increased Battle Suit damage by 1
- 6/20/2011 Decreased Battle Suit Armor by 2
- 6/20/2011 Removed Battle Suit from Trade Zeppelin
- 6/20/2011 Fixed being able to control Trade Zeppelin
- 6/20/2011 Removed Boat from Trade Zeppelin
- 6/20/2011 Special Herbs, Gem of Knowledge, Roots and Stems are no longer sellable due to a surplus in the merchant chain.
- 6/20/2011 Removed left over battle suit that wasnt removed after testing
- 6/20/2011 Increased cost to summon Trade Zeppelin from 200 mana to 250
- 6/20/2011 Removed ALL "high level items" from trade zepp
- 6/20/2011 Added base materials, and "low level items" to trade zepp
- 6/20/2011 Gave some trees in game a chance to drop Artifact type gear, 3% chance to drop, only 2 trees in game have this chance.
- 6/20/2011 Added ALL scroll spells to scroll boat


v2.83a -> v2.83b

Removed Trade Zepp
-6/21/2011 Removed all old code
-6/21/2011 Fixed being able to carry both battle shield and battle axe, can now only carry one or the other.


v2.83a -> v2.83b

-6/24/2011 - Changed Battle Suit Recipie to Steel Axe, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water
-6/24/2011 - Changed the drop rate of the trees that carry battle gear to a lower change to drop battle gear, and higher chance to drop a stick or healing potion.
-6/24/2011 - Changed location of trees that would drop items.
-6/24/2011 - Expanded debug messages in w3mmd to be more precise in what is bugging.
-6/24/2011 - Removed abadonded heros, and hero textures from map to reduce map size.
-6/24/2011 - Buffed Napalm damage, and increased range from 200 to 250.
-6/24/2011 - Increased the HP of trees that drop items from 120 to 250.


v2.83c -> v2.84b

Removed Items that drop from trees
Changed Shield Recipe in armory


v2.84b -> v2.84c
Download this version

6/27/2011 Changed TeleGather trigger so it should cast properly for omnigatherers telegath
6/30/2011 Re-Added Item Tree Drops
6/30/2011 Polished some items up, gave them history
6/30/2011 Added a Panther Hide, is NOT used in ANY recipes, yet.
6/30/2011 Polished up battle suit
7/3/2011 Special Herbs can now be sold for 5 gold each instead of 10 or being disabled.


v2.84c -> v2.84d

Removed Panther Hide
Note* This version is no longer available for download, 2.84e will be out soon.


Hostbot Status: Online
TwGB Website/Forums:
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