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Wooden model floor

Wooden model floor is energy-saving and the environmental protection on real significance, original floor of product wood model, it is these year be in our country just one of products that popularity rises, wooden model floor is model of a kind of new-style environmental protection wood complex material product, its are waterproof and moistureproof, tall the point that the feature such as environmental protection sex is bazaar of product base oneself upon. Wooden model floor suffers consumer to take seriously with respect to equipment after entering domestic market, increase what follow consciousness of consumer environmental protection ceaselessly, wooden model floor also is sure to turn the mainstream of bazaar into the product in the floor bazaar in the future. Wooden model is compound the data is these building materials of year of new-style environmental protection that just appears, be in abroad also is to just start. The data that place of wooden model product uses is usable useless old plastic reach lever of orange of the timber that abandon, aricultural to wait for plant fiber to make base material, do not contain any adscititious and harmful part. And can call in apply again, say to go up the novel product that second birth of the environmental protection on real significance, energy-saving, capital uses. Follow people to take the advancement of degree seriously to environmental capital, call in in order to abandon old goods and materials and capital is Baconian the trend that uses the loop that is core economy to develop a form to already turned world economy into development. Develop capital to use mastery of a skill or technique circularly energetically, will develop to be able to develop show effect continuously with the environment to national economy far-reaching influence. And apply useless old plastic produce with ligneous fiber wooden model is compound data finished product is bad habit the good project of this one demand. Wooden model finished product still does not have large area to carry out in domestic market, our country bazaar and North America bazaar are compared, wooden model is compound of data and finished products increase to still have quite large space, anticipate domestic timber model is compound data market in recent years inside production value will exceed 1 million tons, production value exceeds 1 billion yuan, make new-style wood model system of compound finished product. To consumer, wooden model floor is attributed to energy-saving environmental protection model product, not only can wonderful drill accuses ill other people discharge, what still can accomplish the ground to go up is waterproof and moistureproof wait for action. To stylist, wooden model floor this one new-style data, have the affinity of natural lumber already, and varied OK and satisfactory stylist begs model, colour the new, design requirement that demands different. To decorating a company for, device is handy, can save the data capital when construction, artificial capital and capital of time limit for a project greatly. Advantage of time limit for a project can advance already the project wins the bid votingly rate, together again the opportunity carries on ahead of schedule more other project, gain more benefit for the enterprise. The feature of waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, changeless form can reduce the product greatly the maintenance after the project is finishing serves capital.  
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