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Wood plastic materials to increase the composition

Additives: because wood powder has a strong water absorption, and the polarity is very strong, and thermoplastic mostly non-polar, with hydrophobic, so the compatibility between the poor, the interface of the adhesive force Very small, often need to use the appropriate additives to modify the appearance of polymers and wood flour to improve the wood powder and resin interface between the affinity.
Commonly used additives include the following categories:

Coupling agent can make a strong interface between the plastic and wood powder surface appearance; together can reduce the water absorption of wood powder, wood powder and plastic compatibility and lax, so the mechanical properties of composite material improved significantly.

Plasticizers For some resins with high glass transition temperatures and high melt viscosity, such as hardness PVC, difficult to compound with wood flour, it is often necessary to increase the plasticizer to improve its processing function.

Smoothing agent Wood-plastic composite materials are often required to participate in the smoothing agent to improve the mobility of the melt and the quality of the finished surface of the extrusion, the use of smoothing agent is divided into internal smooth agent and external smoothing agent. Outside the smooth agent in the plastic molding process actually played a resin and wood powder interface between the smooth effect, its main function is to promote the sliding resin particles. Usually a smooth agent usually both inside and outside the two smooth function.
Coloring agent in the wood-plastic composite materials used in the process, the wood powder in the soluble substances easily migrate to the appearance of goods, so that goods decolorization, and eventually become gray, not the same goods in certain use of the environment, but also the occurrence of dark spots or rust.

Blowing agent wood-plastic composite materials have many advantages, but because of the resin and wood powder composite, so that the ductility and impact resistance decreased data brittle, density than traditional wood products nearly 2 times, restricting its wide use .

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