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Wood plastic floor of the shortcomings

<p>First, the wood-plastic floor because both the characteristics of wood and plastic, so it's waterproof, moisture-proof performance is very good, which is a good solution to the traditional wood products to wet and watery environment after absorbing moisture damp, swelling deformation And other issues.</p>
<p>Second, the choice of color and more, both natural wood texture and wood texture, but also can be customized according to their own needs the color.</p>
<p>Third, the plasticity of wood flooring strong, modeling is very simple, but also can achieve personalized style, fully embodies the personality style.</p>
<p>Fourth, environmental performance, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled, and wood flooring does not contain benzene, and formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for the European classification of environmental standards, but also very good Of the savings in timber use.</p>
<p>5, fire is good, can be effective flame retardant, fire rating reached B1 level, in case of fire to self-extinguishing, the sea does not produce any toxic gases.</p>
<p>Sixth, the installation is simple, the construction is convenient, does not need the special complicated construction craft, this has saved the installment time and the expense largely.</p>
<p>7, does not require special maintenance and conservation, and clean up very convenient, saving the latter part of the maintenance and repair costs.</p>

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