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wood plastic composite floor

A few days later, Jiang led a factory boss in tobacco business representatives, Lo went home each floor of the room after reading it again, said: "I know the situation, as to how the question of compensation, we should detail cases reported to the factory before I can give answer after several twists and turns until mid-June, and finally connected to the phone with the agent, the other was admitted failure of these floors, is the production of machine commissioning caused by improper, but can only compensate 500 yuan, however after less than two weeks, with half the amount reached only half of the floor peeling paint chips, and the area is growing. if according to this rate to fall, then, does not take a year, the floor . <a href="">composite tongue and groove porch flooring cost India</a> surface paint on the whole bald Lo has found business representatives claim the floor replaced all new, and compensate for all losses caused by the other party said impatiently: "you want to change your own wholesale unit it! "Since then, no matter how contact Lo, all telephone ginger boss full shutdown, this person seems to evaporate air, what becomes of sight. Two undercover investigation found that cues start from the floor peeling paint, to find the shop owner and the factory representative to "negotiate" for nearly six months, the two sides Lo is like "pass the buck" like kicking, ran back and forth for nearly 30 times, optical communications, travel expenses spent 200 yuan, has been exhausted to endure not say, but also provoke a stomach gas. after receiving complaints, the law enforcement officers to take home the first-Lo card, see the floor and the wear exactly the same complaints, then immediately several in-depth urban decoration materials market, with vendors specializing in flooring business to inquire about the relationship between performance and composite floor price, after several days of thorough investigation, <a href="">how to build a deck bench with back and install it</a> basically mastered the hidden mystery, according to insider revealed: the retail price up look, fifty or sixty dollars a square laminate flooring can make do, better quality out of no less than 80 yuan a square, then fine more than $ 100, but less than $ 50 absolutely stand by; from the looks of it, because the machine is making laminate flooring, paving the front surface of pure color pleasing to the eye, normal people can not tell with the naked eye is good or bad. the Lo buy only one square floor value of 40 yuan, it is likely to fail.
At the same time, a second deep into many passers-floor building materials market franchise stores, insinuated to inquire about the whereabouts of the brand floor one day, happiness Road overpass located about 200 meters northeast of wholesale floor finally reveal the end of August the water. law enforcement officers by spying, <a href="">contemporary composite grooved grey decking Asia-Pacific</a> and confirmed by Lo, he sold the shop floor is missing from the warehouse of the outflow. September 5, the council sent two undercover to wholesale buy two of the same brand floor, to the City of product quality inspection made physical performance test. to avoid arouse his suspicions, law enforcement officers and nothing to touch the wholesale department, but sent secretly riveted. national technical standards, the floor wear revolution is greater than or equal to 6000 rpm, and the detection wear limit of the sample is less than 900 rpm. "several law enforcement officers carefully checked again and found that nearly 70 square meters of the house, from the south end to the north end of the yard stood a stack of stack of crates filled the floor, only the middle leaving a narrow path for people to walk, except on the package marked with the words of a Wood Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, but also marked with the words certain trademarks, specifications, grade, area and other indicators. Law enforcement officers seized from the scene of the discovery record sales, flooring business at least since last October began. <a href="">blue prints of above ground pool decks</a> Law enforcement officers are 13 types (surface color) Total 1100 tank floor inventory is completed, do a site inspection record, issued a "property list" and "detention (Archive) property notice", the scene seized the records of the sales , payment receipt together with all floors simultaneously sealed. When the time of signature requires two parties to start life and death of the young woman also refused to sign, a signature law enforcement officers say the same legal liability, this reluctantly wrote down his name. According to the Bureau the person in charge, the scene seized the floor sample has been sent to the city of Quality Supervision, Inspection made further physical performance testing, until the final outcome, which will be punished in accordance with legal procedures. Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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