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wood flooring product quality

<p>such as the specifications for the length of 250cm �� width 130mm �� 0.3mm thick part of the product price is as follows: peach core about 4-11 Yuan / Zhang, water mahogany about 2.8-3.5 yuan / Zhang, Bai Yang about 9 yuan / Zhang,<a href=''>composite fence dealers in malaysia</a> Southwest Cheng reported about 5-6 yuan / Zhang. Wood-based panel industry is labor-intensive industries, the labor-intensive than the furniture industry. Four man-made board production base of man-made board and related industry practitioners (farming, logistics and transport industry, service industries, etc.) up to 2.1 million people, 95% of their employees for migrant workers,how much do rustic beams cost to solve a large number of laid-off workers re-employment, Economic development, while also benefiting the interests of thousands of farmers. </p>
<p>As the scale of production continued to decline, more than 3,000 small household enterprises in the country had been shut down, and the newly transferred millions of employed peasants would be unemployed, affecting farmers' income,<a href="">water resistant cheap railing ideas</a> social stability and rural economic development. The wood-based panel industry crisis has caused the four wood-based panel production base 145.5 million migrant workers unemployed to return home. Due to excessive export tax rebate rate is too large,easy install outdoor fence spain the rapid appreciation of the RMB and other comprehensive reasons for rising costs, export enterprises have to joint external price increases, so that the international price of plywood close to Indonesia.</p>
<p>Brazil and other countries with the industry level, but due to fast-growing raw materials Plywood material slightly lower than Indonesia and other national materials,<a href="">Recyclable modern WPC pergola</a> export enterprises after the continuous price increase, so that nearly 30% of customers transferred to Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, India and other countries; export tax rebate cut, but also to China's plywood export enterprises in the international market Do not compete on the same equality line. Protection of the quality of interior decoration materials, maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,composite decking that covers wood decking and promote the healthy development of the industry, AQSIQ impregnated paper laminated wood flooring product quality of the national supervision and spot checks. </p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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