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wood flooring exports

<p>ics Research Department Yu Bin made a classic comment: the real estate industry kidnapping China's economy, the real estate industry in China's various industries can be seen. This year, the country's strong regulation of the real estate industry, the new version of the eight countries and provinces, municipalities and the implementation details of the introduction of the property market as a downstream industry, furniture, building materials industry sales this year is subject to a direct impact. The most direct reflection is known as the end of the war of the end of the Golden Week 11, whether stores or stores, this year more than in previous years, traffic decreased significantly. To make matters worse, China's furniture exports to the United States and the second largest country in the European Union, are in the golden nine silver 10 on the occasion of the introduction of China's high double anti-tax rate. Earlier, in July the US Senate</p>
<p> passed the &quot;composite wood products formaldehyde standard bill&quot;, the new bill once again reduced sales and wholesale of wood products in the United States formaldehyde emission, which wood products, raw materials, particleboard formaldehyde emissions from 0.3ppm down to 0.09ppm, formaldehyde emission of hardwood plywood from 0.2ppm to 0.05ppm. After the implementation of the new law, in the face of the world's most demanding bill, it is estimated that China's furniture industry, 30% to 40% of export enterprises will be affected. As the export champion, China has been the trade of 55 countries containment from 2006, China is already the world's largest furniture exporter, the world's largest furniture exporter, Furniture exports in 2002 from 5.36 billion US dollars, China 's furniture exports to more than 30% annual rate of growth, in 2009 tends to be stable, into the stable consolidation period. </p>
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