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wood floor manual

<p>use of furniture as detailed product information, is the greatest embodiment of consumer rights, and the other two provisions also make business services more detailed and perfect, The interests of consumers placed in the first place. Today's flooring industry has long been transformed from the buyer's market to the seller's market, through continuous speculation of timber types to get consumers keen on the brand, no longer a magic weapon for business win. Wood flooring industry competition from technology competition, product competition, brand competition extended to service competition, service competition from the initial simple home installation, free shipping, extended to include sales process, pavement process, after-sale process of integrated services . The new regula</p>
<p>tion of a industry will mature As a business, the sales staff must be trained posts, and have some work experience, so as to better serve customers; and for the industry, there should be based on long-term development Industry standards, although the industry standard is not a national standard, without a mandatory, but for a long-term development of enterprises, even the industry standards are not, it is impossible to brand bigger and stronger, just stay in the oral on. Throughout the birth process of the new rules, hundreds of wood floor business executives or representatives gathered in Beijing, a total of industry development plans, trade associations are carefully listened to the words of the parties and be the right guide, the results will be revised into the discussion To be published, so op</p>
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