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Wood floor maintenance coup to make life more refreshing

<p>First, the use of vacuum cleaners</p> 
<p>With a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often stampede the ground to be more diligent in dust. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance hall and the aisle leading to the outside. To prevent dust from entering the room,<a href="">plastic wood manufacturers in italy</a> place a dust pad at the entry point, or install a dust barrier at the bottom of the door.</p> 
<p>Second, the use of wet and dry mop</p> 
<p>When using a mop to clean the floor, wring out the mop and then use. Wet mop, the use of water will seep into the seams, hurt the floor, causing the floor tilt deformation, especially wood flooring,<a href="">wood plastic composite product manufracture canada gazebo</a> plastic flooring, cork tiles.</p> 
<p>Third, the use of water-based wax</p> 
<p>Select the water-based wax suitable for the floor. Use only one kind of wax at a time. If you use different wax products, the mixture will react to make the floor sticky and dirty. If the coating is too thick, the dust will stick to the floor more easily.</p> 
<p>Fourth, gently lift the furniture</p> 
<p>To move the furniture, it is recommended to use the lift of the way, to avoid dragging,<a href="">thin composite outdoor wood</a> so as not to scratch the floor. To further protect your floor, the bottom of the furniture can be fitted with cloth or gasket.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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