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Wood floor installation should pay attention to the followin

<p>Wood floor installation, but a technical live, properly installed properly, not only can increase the use of satisfaction, but also extend the life of wood flooring. So in the flooring industry has been circulating in a word "three floor, seven installation", is to emphasize the importance of floor installation.
1, in the pavement before the wooden floor to do a lot of preparatory work, to conduct a multi-directional measurements to see the ground flatness to ensure the accuracy of the floor installation. Bought the floor, you can not immediately pavement,<a href="">railroad wood ties for sale in los angeles</a> but should be opened after the closure, placed in the new home after a period of time in the shop, so that wood flooring to adapt to the new environment.</p>
<p>2, wood floor, although very avoid water, but it can not dehydration, or easily lead to contraction and other issues. General wood floor moisture content to reach 13 or so. Use professional tools to check before you buy.</p>
<p>3, in the pavement before the wooden grill and the ground between the grass-roots level to leave a certain gap, so as to ensure that the entire ground dragon air circulation. In addition,<a href="">wood plastic composite decking europe</a> you can not use cement mortar to fix the wooden grating, but should use the method of mat wood wedge, wooden grille with nails fixed firmly on the ground.</p>
<P>4, pavement wood flooring before doing internal moisture work. First, clean the wooden grille, and then sprinkle a layer of moisture powder and pest control powder, so you can avoid erosion of wood floors, insects, damage to the whole structure of the wooden floor.</P>
<P>5, nail wood flooring used nails are also required, must use twist nails. And then slanting the hole in the mouth, nailed into the wooden grille,<a href="">do composite doors need primer</a> if you do not, after the wood floor will be easy to loose.</P>
<P>6, all the pavement in the wood floor, but also with the old cardboard, the old sheets, the old mat, etc. for a period of time covering the protection work.</P> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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