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With the flooring industry

<p> Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. foreign trade buyers Lu Yan was very excited to say: With these test results, we can selectively identify qualified suppliers, not only to ensure that the raw materials Quality, but also an increase of our SMEs in the procurement of raw materials initiative and the right to speak. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for us to do a real good thing!
 In the past few years, the Chinese flooring industry maintained a growth rate of 21.56%. But because of the property market regulation and a series of factors such as the superposition of the role of the flooring industry there are some problems, such as homogenization of intense competition, enterprise differentiation serious, industry consolidation difficulties, then the future of the flooring industry? With this problem, Industry Association President Wang visited a number of enterprises visited the floor, and found the answer in the living home floor. In September, the</p>
<p> CASA family brand in Nanjing held a grand conference, colorful colors make people shines. In November, the family is about to work together to build the domestic star star concert million people, held in Changsha, Hunan CASA floor, China's first large-scale type. As a living brand flooring launched this year, CASA collection of fashion, humanities, art in one, its most striking feature is: through the material, color and shape changes, to create a love and warmth, the floor The industry's major changes. This caused a high degree of concern flooring industry, China National Forest Products Industry Association, Wang Man in person at the conference site, the home of life to give a high degree of praise and hope, he believes that life can see the floor of the home i</p>
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