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Why should pay attention to the installation of wooden floor

<p>First, the wooden floor before installation</p>
<p>1, the north or large temperature difference in order to make the wood floor and pavement temperature and humidity more adaptable, should be 7 days in advance for shipping procedures, the floor sent to the construction site do not open the package.</p>
 <p>2, the ground in line with the installation requirements, if geothermal, radiator and other special circumstances, please advance to the store shopping guide.</p>
 <p>3, the ground must be clean, no debris, furniture and other items temporarily removed before installation.</p>
 <p>4,2 m height difference in the ground ≤ 5mm, more than 5mm should first do horizon, the ground level difference is not very serious, such as uneven ground recommendations for plaster for local leveling.</p>
 <p>5, the ground does not dry easy to cause deformation of the floor after installation, make sure the ground is dry, such as just leveling the ground with cement, Preparation of small compactors before starting
<p>1.Check the oil level, hydraulic emergency coolant according to the user manual before starting the engine, check the bolts of all connection part if is loose.</p>
<p>2.Check the electrical system.</p>
<p>3.Check if there is someone or obstacles under the roller.</p>
<p>4.Check the vibration switch is off and the transmission is in neutral gear.</p>
<p>5.Check all instruments, steering, brakes, lights and speakers are normal, safe and reliable.</p>
<p>Shanghai Doan machinery started from the machinery base-Suzhou. Idea of “produce high quality to service customer” has been taken root in every stuff’s behavior standard. Following this rules in producing construction machinery in highways,railways,and other maintenance project.</p>
<p>Advanced production equipment,strong technology in research and development, complete testing equipment , and pass the ISO series certification. It has been the purchase object by iron twenty Bureau Group, China Road and Bridge, Chinese municipal, road maintenance and other group companies. Widely praised by users.

Buy small roller coup
<p>Certainly the oil consumption is lower by a single-cylinder roller than the twin, also the purchase economy should be taken into account and the durable structure,there is few suggestion for reference to buy a small roller.</p>
<p>First, there will be a little inconvenience to start the engine after use for some time to buy a small bulldozer engine, since single-cylinder engine is connected by belt. Especially the clutch may easily create problems (small car simple structure, the structure of the clutch and clutch connection are very simplistic) pressure disc clutch is proposed, so the engine can only be selected from the double cylinder and above which are generally mechanical gearbox, with the high button speed, just do not consider the frame structure of whole vehicle, looked like more durable, compare the price of new car, using comfort and subsequent maintenance costs, it is more economical while the fully hydraulic will cost more maintenance even easy to use, and personally feel that the performance is very unstable, prone to problems.</p>

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