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Why should pay attention to the installation of wooden floor

<p>First, the wooden floor before installation</p>
<p>1, the north or large temperature difference in order to make the wood floor and pavement temperature and humidity more adaptable, should be 7 days in advance for shipping procedures, the floor sent to the construction site do not open the package.</p>
 <p>2, the ground in line with the installation requirements, if geothermal, radiator and other special circumstances, please advance to the store shopping guide.</p>
 <p>3, the ground must be clean, no debris, furniture and other items temporarily removed before installation.</p>
 <p>4,2 m height difference in the ground ≤ 5mm, more than 5mm should first do horizon, the ground level difference is not very serious, such as uneven ground recommendations for plaster for local leveling.</p>
 <p>5, the ground does not dry easy to cause deformation of the floor after installation, make sure the ground is dry, such as just leveling the ground with cement, the installation should be at least a month before proceeding.</p>
<p>Second, the wooden floor after installation</p>
<p>1, the installer to show you the warranty card.</p>
 <p>2, the installation staff to explain to you the maintenance of wood flooring.</p>
 <p>3, plastic is not completely cured, ban load, furniture and other items in 48 hours after the move.</p>
 <P>4, regular cleaning or cleaning the floor to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects and scratch the surface of wood floors can be placed outside the rub pad, so as not to sand or friction dust into the interior;</P>
 <p>5, indoor humidity ≥ 80%, should be ventilation dampness, such as outdoor humidity is greater than indoor humidity, doors and windows can be closed to keep the indoor low humidity, such as outdoor humidity is less than indoor humidity, open doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity, Humid hot weather, please use the air conditioning dehumidification function;</p>
<p>6, indoor humidity ≤ 40%, it is appropriate to take humidification measures, such as the northern region in autumn and winter use of heating or warm, an increase in indoor temperature, humidity significantly reduced, when the relative humidity of 30%, wood floor will appear shrinkage , Board crack, "wood floor pavement, acceptance and use of norms" GB / T20238-2006 provisions of the ambient humidity of 40% - 80%, so the use of humidifiers in winter to increase the indoor air temperature, the indoor air humidity maintained at 50 % -70%.</p>

Wood flooring cracks repair method due to the board may be
<p>First, for ordinary wood floor solution</p>
 <p>If it is used to strengthen the laminate flooring, this floor cracks, you can use 400 sandpaper stained with soapy water polished, and then wipe clean, to be dry, the complementary color, and then brush a varnish, dry 24 hours, polished with sandpaper, And then waxing can be.</p>
 <p>Second, for solid wood flooring solution</p>
 <p>If it is used in solid wood flooring, crack if small, you can use varnish to fill, you can, if a very visible cracks, it is recommended to remove the original floor, replace the new.</p>
 <p>Third, the surface paint cracking repair treatment</p>
 <p>Floor paint small cracks, in severe cases, resulting in stripping paint. More due to sun exposure or long-term wind blows the floor, the floor drying shrinkage caused by film cracking.</p>
 <p>Solution: a small amount may be appropriate to paint, waxing. Severe cases can only be polished after the paint. Method is very simple, first with sandpaper gently grinding wear, remove dirt, and then wipe with a dry soft cloth, re-do the coating, or paste the polyester film on the line.</p>
 <p>Fourth, wood floor crack repair treatment</p>
 <p>If the cracking situation is serious, the only solution is to replace the part has been cracked, consumers can contact the manufacturer, to buy the required model to make up for the cracks in the floor of the floor can be filled with some mixture of cracks; repair.</p>
 <P>5, wood flooring gap repair processing</P>
 <P>The gap between the floor more than 2MM, the need for maintenance treatment, shrinkage less than 2MM does not require maintenance, will return to normal after the fall and winter. Serious, the floor all apart, as the case resurfaced and part of the floor replacement, this time still need to reserve expansion joints to prevent the expansion of the floor when wet.</P>
 <p>6, fall floor cracking repair in no hurry</p>
 <p>In the fall, wood flooring due to seasonal causes of cracking, is more common and normal phenomenon. Because the autumn air is relatively dry, wooden floor cracking is due to the moisture is gradually evaporated, this time repaired, the water is still continue to evaporate, so there may still be cracking. Therefore, the fall of the floor of the more serious cracking problems can be slightly delayed repair time, do not rush to repair.</p>

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