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Whirlpool flooring has sprung up

<p> raw materials, labor prices have risen to the gold and nine silver ten Waterloo, the final result of double-cut baked domestic and foreign flooring market is very deserted, competition among enterprises increasingly fierce, making the industry potential Of the contradictions have been rapidly intensified. Obviously, due to industrial chain constraints, the phenomenon of homogenization is becoming increasingly serious, manifested in the product, brand, marketing, technology and other aspects. Blind follow the trend of the industry is already stubbornly a common problem, for the next 2012, the wood industry and how to deal with? Effective market expansion point and where? In a number of brands at a loss of weakness, Whirlpool flooring has sprung up, short Short years of rapid rise in the mark</p>
<p>et, influence and visibility continue to expand, thanks to Whirlpool on the market and consumer insights, in Whirl's view, the homogenization will only self-destruction, only constant Innovation, continuous breakthroughs, and tap the unique core competitiveness, in order to win the market. The style flooring charming eyes, personality suitable for winning the hearts of the current floor market filled with a variety of styles: Chinese, classical, neo-classical, modern, post-modern, European and so on, so that consumers dazzled. Manufacturers will also use advertising rampant some do not know the so-called concept, popular elements, or please celebrity endorsement, inhalation eye. But these speculation is floating on the surface, the name of art under the guise of talking to themselves. Floorin</p>
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