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What are the characteristics of the new Chinese furniture?

<P>As the Chinese style of the use of traditional Chinese style dominated, the national style is very strong, especially in the color, with red, crimson, coffee as the main color,royal adjustable camping chairs so the Chinese style is particularly dignified. Solemn tones dominate the design of natural look quiet, elegant, so the Chinese decoration there is one of the biggest features and selling points, is particularly resistant to look, never tired. New Chinese style of the object: advocating national ideology, national style of the elderly decoration owners; by the Confucian thought of the decoration owners; personalized requirements tend to heavy color decoration owners; like the elegant environment of the decoration owners.</P>
<P>New Chinese style was born in the new era of Chinese traditional culture revival, Chinese elements and modern materials clever and soft, Ming and Qing furniture, window lattice, cloth bedding reflect each other, reproduce the exquisite scenery of the shift. Chinese style is not entirely in the sense of retro Ming and Qing Dynasties, but through the characteristics of Chinese style, expression of elegant and subtle,cheap patio chairs manufacturer in portugalia dignified abundance of oriental spiritual realm of the pursuit. The new Chinese style mainly includes two basic contents, one is the interpretation of the traditional Chinese culture in the background of the current era; First, the Chinese contemporary culture fully understood on the basis of contemporary design. New Chinese style is not a pure element of piling up, but through the understanding of traditional culture, the modern elements and traditional elements together to the aesthetic needs of modern people to create a rich traditional flavor of things, so that traditional art in today's society get the right The embodiment.</P>
<P>New Chinese style to pay attention to class, pay attention to symmetry, to balance the concept of yin and yang to reconcile the indoor ecology. The use of natural decorative materials,garden furniture loungers the use of "gold, wood, water, fire, soil," the combination of five elements to create a Zen-style rational and quiet environment. New Chinese-style furniture for classical furniture, or modern furniture and classical furniture combined. Chinese classical furniture to Ming and Qing furniture as the representative of the new Chinese style furniture accessories to more concise lines on the simple furniture.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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