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Walking roller press out the beautiful streets

<P>Hand-held roller operation requirements are simple, does not require your education level, do not require your height and weight, as long as you need, we DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. will hand the church you from the operation to ensure that you will learn.</P>
<P>The scope of application of hand-held roller: can be used to compaction of soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, bridges and culverts, parking, sports venues and narrow areas of regional compacting operations, vertical vibration, exciting force, high compaction efficiency Roads, municipal departments of the construction and transformation of roads, streets, squares ideal equipment.</P>
<P>The main performance characteristics of hand-held roller: large water tank to reduce the trouble of replenishment back and forth, so that the equipment increased the continuous working time; vertical vibration, exciting force, high compaction efficiency; wheel automatically compacted polyurethane automatic It is characterized by small volume, compact structure, easy transportation, high working power, high efficiency, high efficiency, low cost, high efficiency, low cost, And supporting the use of large rollers, large water tank to reduce the trouble to pay back, so that equipment can increase the continuous working time. Adjustable folding handle to the operator to bring a comfortable operating environment, easy to transport or collection after folding, steel wheel with automatic compression of the polyurethane automatic cleaning scraper to prevent the accumulation of soil and asphalt in the steel wheel, Resulting in smoother compaction, higher road clearance and smaller side clearance. Particularly suitable for wall and road rock compaction.</P>
<P>The company's products cost-effective customer rating reached more than 95 percent, you can rest assured that the purchase of products, small roller is the focus of the company's products, is the focus of research and development and production of products, quality assured, please You are assured to buy.</P>

A compact super-messenger compactor for road paving
<P>Small roller also called walk-behind rollers , the current domestic production of small roller is divided to single drum roller walk behind respectively; hand Tandem roller; roller with car. Engine launch energy can be diesel, gasoline and the like.</P>
<P>Municipal highway maintenance use the small roller very often, it can change the fill compacted cement layered construction stabilizing layer; also compact the edge of the ditch wells, asphalt concrete in the corners. During the highway construction culvert, the channel, abutments and other structures backfill construction, while large roller compliance can not work, you can replace it with a small roller compaction to operate. Municipal landscape, high residential landscape construction, golf course construction of paved trail, sidewalk pavement compacting machinery and other operational activities.</P>
<P>Features of small roller: small operation semi-diameter, can work within small area for trench backfill; international brand gasoline or famous diesel, brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy start; use of international brands SAUER hydraulic drive, stepless shift, walking around, reversing convenient; electric start engine, machine vibration electromagnetic clutch control, the operation more easy and convenient; the installation luxury seats, easy to adjust, working comfort; adopt international famous NSK bearings, MITSUBOSHI (Samsung) belt to ensure that the performance of the machine; surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust corrosion; this product has passed CE certification.</P>
<P>Doan Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a professional team and service team for small roller , the production of roller has been strong government support, also won government approval, the Company has contracted the production of a lot of government machinery and equipment, the company's recognition is worthy of your trust, and look forward to serving more customers.</P>

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