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Urban management for the residents to install drying racks

<p>July 1, Gulou District Urban Management Bureau Archway management squadron to the urban management team to the Jingnan District Building 16, take the initiative to 2 units on the 1st floor of the households in the district open space designated designated Drying area, installation drying racks, so that not only solved the Jingnan area along the street Zhan Road drying problem, while doing practical things for the people,<a href=''>plastic white outdoor garden chairs</a> killing two birds with one stone.
Jingnan district drying problem along the street, has been plagued by archway urban squadron.</p>
<p>"Actually, we do not really want to dry clothes in the street, to be honest, as indeed affect the image of the city, but there is no way, we have all the units on the first floor balcony can not dry, so in the first floor, The door to take a drying rack, you can not let us dry it!</p>
<p>June 20, urban management squadron to the Jingnan District Building 16, hoping to find a solution to the problem of drying through the streets of the breach, through field investigation found that the floor of the second unit on the west side of the door and the north side of an open space,<a href=''>folding stool with ice bag</a> and the sun is good , Can be used as the best drying area.</p>
<p>June 28, urban squadron members to the first floor of the residents to promote the idea of ​​installing drying racks, the consent of the tenants.
In the first floor with the owners, the team members with a cutting tool to remove the installation of the Pentium Avenue drying racks along the street to solve the problem has not been resolved for three years, the next step to set the drying area to prepare.</p>
<p>After two days of preparation, July 1, the squadron of urban management team members 4, 2 loading and unloading workers, a law enforcement vehicle, loaded with the installation materials and tools to the Jingnan District Building 16, for fixed-point, assembly, Process. The selection process in the installation process is subject to prior inspection,<a href=''>folding leisure chair</a> without prejudice to household access.
After three hours of effort, a total of drying racks installed 10, each two, drying the length of 50 meters, drying area of ​​300 square meters, enough to dry the first floor of households daily use. To prevent the drying racks were stolen, urban management team is still drying the bottom of the frame with cement for reinforcement.</p>
<p>"I was also said so, did not think they really do it, but also so meticulous, thanks to urban management for us to do a good thing." Ms. Zhang said.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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