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upper and lower sides of the light

<p>you want to know more knowledge of building materials, welcome attention to the house decoration network.What are the characteristics of solid wood integrated wood solid wood material refers to the narrow, short wooden strip with adhesive long, and then cross the width of the upper and lower sides of the light from the plate. Solid wood integrated material has the characteristics of natural wood </p>
<p>material, beautiful appearance, cracking, deformation and so on. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; and a laminated wood profile laminated finger joint board, also known as finger joint lumber or integrated board, solid wood materials refers to the narrow and short wood with adhesive joint (part of the sheet is the process of tooth type connection), then spell wide horizontal plate, the upper and lower sides of sand and light the. </p>
<p>Solid wood integrated technology is basically the same as the solid wood, but because of the smaller size of the material, there are a lot of splicing length direction. That is, through the deep processing of small pieces of wood, like &quot;fingers&quot; as the splicing of the plate, due to the use of serrated interface between the board, similar to the fingers of both hands cross docking. Because the original wood is a cross </p>
<p>20 by 20 ft deck price<br />
composite flooring in spain<br />
how to build a bench onto an existing deck</p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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