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TwGB Tournament March 05, 2010

Tournament will be starting on Friday March 5th 2010.  Below are the current team brackets that are starting out, there are only 12 teams mostly due to random people registering bogus names.  I have also made a "hopefulls" bracket, of people who may end up in the final round.

This tournament is a 2v2 tourny, open to ALL players on Euro, West, and East.  

Below are the basic rules.

All games there MUST be a ROOT ADMIN, the following are the root admins.
xxxkimixxx - Can not obeserve
da_troll - Can not observe

The root admin will be the first player, and will go -private so he may watch the game.

Here are the follow REQUIRED modes, and only these modes, no extras may be input.
-no boats

Any team that does not participate with in 24 hours of tournament start will be disqualified.

Any games that get desync issues will warrant a immediate !end and then the game will be remade, if you can not play in the game, you are disqualified.

Ok, that's about it for rules.

All games will be ran from the autohost bot, so an admin must grab an open game and private the game, then change the name to TwGB Tourny # in order for the game to procede.

Here are the teams/brackets.

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