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Due to the results of this, he will be banned for a week.  Should he decide to return, any interaction with him that results in you flaming him will result in punishment to you.  

He caused a lot of disruption, but if you retaliate, you will be violating the rules, and may face warns or bannings, depending on the severity.  Furthermore, any topics discussing him or his actions outside of the designated clan section may result in immediate deletions, and warnings.

Toxic has his week ban, and cannot post, but asked me to post this...
Toxic Ninja: Ive been getting a lot of annoying messages, usually in the form of Why did you do it Toxic!? Ive asked Plox to post this for me since Im under my one week ban.
The reason I destroyed the clan is simple, you all forgot the fifth of November. The most important holiday in the world, Guy Fawkes day. Nobody even said Hey Toxic happy Guy Fawkes day! So today, the sixth of November, will be known as Guy Plox day just because. Has Toxic lost his mind? You bet your ass! But seriously the real reason is the leadership of TdiT sucked, none of the shaman play, elf has another clan he calls more important, swat was the only one to play and thats once a day at most. So I formed PTT-The Phoenix Troll Tribe where only the best active players will be allowed to be shaman. Oh as for destroying the forum, the TdiT members were harassing my clan so I needed to teach them a lesson, that one was your fault guys.
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