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To the wood flooring industry

<p> hand housing transactions, the new delivery of Yishou Fang. Since the Spring Festival this year, because of new restrictions such as control policies, many people can not be eligible for housing, housing turnover has been very low. Nothing to buy a house, naturally no one to decoration. The first half of this year has just delivered the rough housing decoration volume did not increase, it is estimated that the purchase of the impact of the next year will continue to release. The original market share accounted for 67% of the demand, and now only about four percent, and now companies rely on other businesses in the wore. Engaged in the decoration industry for 8 years, Mr. Huang complained to the author. I learned in the interview, not only the face of the cold decoration company, home improvement market, the same deserted building materials. To the wood flooring industry, for example, in the past business sales and promotio</p>
<p>nal activities have a great relationship. Business as long as the launch of promotional activities in the holidays, sales will be good, but this year is not the case. This year the market downturn, and now to the end of the year, we are engaged in the next promotion of the original capital, hoping to usher in the peak sales. Natural floor Guangzhou Marketing Center, Mr. Lee said. Promotion of innovation to win the market By the end of the year, major companies have entered the business sprint sales, in order to complete the annual sales tasks, businesses have been riveting enough to engage in the promotion. Jin enjoy opening price, Mercedes-Benz home. It is understood that this is the nature of the floor will be held on November 12-13, a large-scale factory buy the ad. Buy the floor, send Mercedes-Benz, it can be said that business is under the foot of the original. For consumers to be renovated, it should be a rare opportunity to</p>
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