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then cover the base board composite deck

effectively prevent deformation, with the advantages of flame retardant, insect resistant, flame retardant. Wood plastic door to the shape of the main consumer groups for the general understanding of the wood door is not much, the cost is relatively high compared to ordinary indoor doors, consumers may be concerned about the choice. When consumers choose wood doors, interior doors,

often will be focusing too much on the door, while ignoring the door and door line. Some traders will be wood door and Mentao doors use different materials, regular practice is made of wood door wood door frame, planing, planing, and molding assembly installed on the wall, and then cover the base board and the decorative panel.

But currently on the market, some inferior wood door door is not directly in the primary treatment, stuck on the surface of a thin layer of decorative panels, plate and wall is difficult to completely adhesive. In this regard, consumers in the acceptance of wood doors, you can hit the door and window with the side panel, if issued an empty drum, it means that the bottom of the board, such as no pad blockboard,
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wood paneling merits and disadvantages
exterior stairs corner guards
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