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the Properties and Advantages of Ecological

In recent years, ecological wood gradually cut a striking figure in various industries, by consumers, occupied the Banbi building materials market, ecological wood-plastic has been applied in the following aspects.

1) high-grade building materials
Can be used for indoor and outdoor, while the use of outdoor garden projects. It is also suitable for processing in the fields of construction, building materials, decoration materials, furniture industry and other industrial products. It can be processed into sound-absorbing panels, wooden ceiling, door frames, window frames, floors, skirtings, door panels, , All kinds of decorative lines curtains, louvers weaving, blinds, fences, frames, staircase board, staircase handrail, a variety of sheet metal, and household daily necessities hundreds of varieties of external walls, interior, bathroom, ceilings, , Louvre, home decoration, landscape architecture, and so on all the areas of decoration, the majority of the community by its acceptance and love. Consumers are impressed by the environmental and aesthetics of their products.

2) packaging materials
Can replace most of the packaging industry, timber, such as the traditional wooden box, wooden pallets, brackets and so on. Its composition is 50% orange powder + 50% waste recycled plastic, lower than the traditional material costs, while the county beautiful and durable.

3) in the automotive, aircraft, wear and other industries instead of wood or plastic decorative plates

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