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The new three board over 6 into the furniture industry in 20

<P>Since Shunde put forward a strong push to the village-level industrial park environmental production, safe production "double standard" strategy, the area of ​​the town have acted. 9 reporters from the Shunde District Safety Production Supervision and Administration was informed that the recent Daliang and music from the two town streets on the village-level industrial park "double standard" to implement special rectification, which Daliang Shunde District People's Congress visited the Honggang Industrial Park special Law enforcement action, and Lecong town on the Yangjiao North Shashi industrial zone inspection process,west palm beach outdoor furniture the two illegal operation of the furniture business to take measures to stop the rectification.Recently, Daliang Street formed a joint inspection team, to Honggang to carry out village-level industrial park "double standard" special law enforcement action.</P>
<P>The operation, the law enforcement inspection team raided the Yao Yang Metal Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhenhui Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and other four companies,club bistro table and chairs supplier focusing on corporate environmental protection and safety production license, the establishment and implementation of the responsibility system, special equipment, Safety production management, fire and electricity safety, accident investigation, safety system construction, emergency rescue drill, etc. to check.</P>
<P>"Inspection found that the existence of individual enterprises on the scene failed to provide safety accident accident investigation and management system, production safety accident emergency rescue plan and other issues, the inspection team ordered the company deadline for rectification, and by the relevant functional departments to investigate and deal with them, follow-up follow-up Work. "Daliang Street,kitchen table with 2 chairs and bench the relevant person in charge said that the future will require enterprises to improve the environment and improve the production safety management system, combined with the actual situation of their own enterprises, to develop the appropriate emergency rescue plan, improve the relevant account file. In the future for the village-level industrial park enterprises, Daliang street will be carried out from time to time joint law enforcement action to improve the safe production environment, refused to correct the illegal enterprises according to the law according to the investigation, the timely elimination of security risks, to prevent accidents.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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