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the flooring industry is facing

<p>and arrangements, and recommended the Zhejiang Yongji Wood Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Zhixin for the new session of the Council, Chairman of the Board of Zhejiang Jiesen Wood Co., Ltd., Chairman of Zhejiang Jusheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Zhang Enjiu, Chairman of Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Ni Fangrong and other 13 persons are vice presidents of the Board of Directors; Zhu Zhijian is appointed Secretary- Gu Linyue, Chen Song, Jiang Xiaofan for the Association Deputy Secretary-General; elected Shen Xiongxiang, Hu Songhai, Xu Wei and other 17 executive director.Subsequently, the new Huzhou City Wood Association, Zhejiang Yongji Wood Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Zhiging delivered his speech, he said, first of all thank the Association of the directors and the strong support of all sectors of government. In the future work of the Association, the </p>
<p>opportunities, will usher in a new era of home market. The five major cities experience the museum opened at the same time, Yihua Wood following the Shantou, Guangzhou, Beijing Experience Museum opened after another major move confirms the Yi-hua Wood to point to the surface with the further implementation of the marketing strategy. The next three years, Yi-hua Wood will be the capital of the country, autonomous regions and municipalities to build 31 family-owned Museum, covering the seven major regional, with more flexible Direct mode, upgrade the marketing idea, the radiation of the major cities , For all levels of furniture, flooring stores to provide comprehensive supply and after-sales support services; rewrite the home sales pattern, will also bring substantial returns for the majority of investors. To celebrate the grand opening of the five experience museum, Yihua Wood </p>
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