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the floor of the business

<p> high-quality timber around the world to the country, there will be a taste of the way of life to the domestic consumers. Socially responsible groups and businesses should recognize that charity is not a short-term behavior that requires transparency and adherence. Therefore, as a resource to the community to obtain the floor of the business, no matter how charitable operation of the malpractice, should be a positive return to nature and society.  October, 2011 China top ten brand integrity network flooring just faded, to knight spirit known Shangchen floor, unanimously focus on shaping the integrity of the floor brand, won the 2011 China Top Ten integrity brand name. In this connection, the author walked into the Zhejiang Shangchen Flooring Co., Ltd., and Mr. Gu Guhua, chairman of the company conducted an interview. On the Hill floor: a quality brand to enjoy the integrity of the quality of life into the floor of the top ten Chinese brand integrity activities, to coincide with the floor on the floor of the new office building and the exhibition hall is about to be completed, the interview, feel more on the Department of the famous door Of the luxury and elegance of the Knights of the noble style of the highly respected. Along the national road built by the European</p>
<p> palace of the overall design, coupled with the import of crystal chandeliers, Roman column carving process, all reflect the natural style of the ancient European model, the use of noble dark red, deep purple and gilt Gold portfolio, reflected in the subtle sense of the flow of interpretation on the dream of life. Lying in the lobby of the giant bronze statue of knights, it is announced to the world on the minister's knight temperament, no copy. In the interview, Shangchen Flooring Co., Ltd., Mr. Gu Guohua, chairman of the floor, said the top ten for the integrity of the brand is more grateful and incentive, he said: the recognition of the industry and the consumer certainly on the floor Words are very honored, thanks to consumers and dealers support, which is on the Hill's brand support and encouragement. Achieve such an honor, and not just a personal achievement, it is all the staff and distributors on the common efforts. To this hono</p>
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