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the floor industry compared

<p>booths, splendid, press conference on the supermodel, a lot of experts, a big show than a. There have been insiders said that after visiting the plain plain furniture exhibition and wooden door show, have to admit, the floor industry compared to these same types of industries, profits are not the highest, even because of fierce competition in the industry, profits have been reduced To the point where can not lower, the marketing tactics are somewhat overdone. October 3, 2010, the United States Hardwood Parity Union (Coalitionfor American Hardwood Parity) to the United States (Figure) to the United States and the United States, the United States, The Ministry of Commerce and the International Trade Commission to apply, that China's exports to the United States multi-storey solid wood flooring pricing is too low to require such products in China </p>
<p>countervailing and anti-dumping investigations, and proposed 242 percent anti-dumping duties; China - made wood flooring collection of exchange rate countervailing duties. Some small businesses ignore the seriousness of this double reverse, no response to the basic loss of the US business battlefield, only Yuhua and other actively responding to the enterprise to obtain a very low or zero tax rate, but the response costs can be described as difficult. Event 4: Nature del have listed 10:00 in 2011, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading floor trading display clearly shows: China flooring, 02083.HK, marking the nature of Chinese flooring listed in Hong Kong solemnly. November 11 morning, Del home officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the second year of the flooring business. Although 2011 is the winter for the flooring industry is the winter, but the winter still can </p>
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