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the floor can be expected

<p>or to decide another is still unknown. The relevant government regulatory departments are not perfect, this market inevitably some companies in troubled waters, shoddy, disrupt the market. Dealers less difficult to open up new markets, the strength of dealers should not be overlooked. There are sales channels, sales network and sales experience of local agents are very few, even if the enterprise is determined to develop the rural market, investment has become an insurmountable threshold. Consumption of the new continent to be developed Today, the urbanization of China's faster and faster, many industries, e</p>
<p>specially home building materials industry center of gravity are down 34 cities. With the country to the rural market continues to strengthen the degree of rural consumer demand for building materials products increased year by year and the continuous improvement of the rural market, the rural market demand for wood flooring products can be described as large, rural areas has gradually become the building materials industry Focus on development. Building materials industry, the end of the flooring industry, the face of such a vast rural market, should be preheated in advance, make preparations for the upgrading of the flooring industry chain, out of a low-carbon environmental protection open up the rural market road.
Wood flooring products are the only use of renewable materials and recy</p>
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