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The fixed position that how floor enterprise

Floor enterprise finds the pattern that accords with his to expand fixed position in last few years, chinese floor offers a way still is meeting collect is selling, the company also accelerated the floor board that has sure actual strength and public praise to garrison large sell the rate of field. In a lot of main cities, unexpectedly triumphant dragon of beauty of the home, red star famed the form that sells a Lidouke to wait for inn of floor brand door in order to see nature, emperor is resembled. The personage inside course of study thinks: Brand floor chooses to sell in the brand door store is opened inside field, it is to think have the aid of sells the strong appeal force of field to made the brand force; of itself also think to sell system of Wu of kimono of the environment of field, sale to wait on the other hand on one hand easily the businessman is managed. But as sell a hire taller and taller, sell a ceaseless set up shop, capital of raw material, content shedding also is in constant growth. When the river rises the boat goes up too, those who bring is the tall capital of floor industry approach. Mix in the floor in selling the connection of field, the company is unavoidable those who a few are depended on cannot. Independent inn and electric business form become bazaar to sell trunk stream is below this kind of environment, floor brand shop turns many people into the direction that take a fancy to. Good luck and adjust coexist, of independent inn begin resembling is a Shuang Renjian, capital of the economy of independent inn way, manpower also will become detect the main factor that the company begins. Senior personage speaks of industry of a floor, "Opposite Yu Chanping sells just for, the profit of independent inn drops, so its charge booth is occupied to what sell taller than changing. The way capital of odd square compares those who divide the odd square with it to sell this number wants big. "   besides independent inn begin, in Internet times, electric business approach also turns trunk stream into one of forms. On the issue that handles approach of new-style cable business, the viewpoint of floor company had the disagreement that showing. What negative one party thinks the floor sells nowadays is semi-manufactured goods, need becomes real finished product through the service. The expressional strength of electric business is relative for a few poorer, effect of outfit of raw material, detail, shop cannot reveal, the electronic business affairs that builds adornment material entirely has this restriction. The one party of approve of thinks electric business is sure is the new commercial form that will come. Way catenary to current same, flow to terminal from agency, still be to should flow to consumer after all. Hold at present the electric business of consumer consumes a habit, total meeting agrees to develop way in the future. No matter whether electric business is after all the form that right company develops, in diversity in offerring a way, floor company needs to contact itself actual condition will find the form that agrees with his to begin fixed position, only from set out actually, of floor company begin what ability gets aspiration.  
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