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The Causes and Solutions of Crawler Excavator 's "Drop

<P>For the excavator machine, the crawler chain is often encountered a problem. For excavators, the occasional chain is inevitable, because the excavator working environment is relatively poor,energy efficient stone power trowel market crawler into the soil or stones will lead to chain. Excavator track transgression, refers to the track from the guide wheel, the wheel, the drive wheel and the bracket wheel composed of the track, commonly known as "dropping chain", which is the excavator driver and the owner are reluctant to see Of the scene.</P>
<P>To avoid the track on the one hand, the driver is driving the excavator when turning, need to pay more attention, found the track with the initial signs of deviance,Long Life Asphalt Mixer Device it should be the top of the track idling. On the other hand, the track is often deviant also shows the chassis itself has a problem, need to repair. As the four-wheel zone is not in the same plane, resulting in track transitions. This means that the excavator needs to replace the guide wheel. The loosening of the track is through the tensioning cylinder to push the guide wheel to adjust, the tension cylinder is driven by the butter gun to push the butter, to adjust the crawler elastic, but many times the track will not be able to adjust the elastic. If the chain pin is worn, it must be replaced. But now it seems that few people now "pressure chain" to replace the pin sets, and more directly replace the chain track.</P>
<P>If you compare the excavator with a bulldozer's chassis, you will find that some of the places are different. The bulldozer is very loose even if the track is very loose, because the bulldozer's nipple is a block from the drive wheel to the guide wheel , All the rollers are wrapped,Good Quality Chinese Suppliers Of Mechanical Heating Plate and the excavator has only two and small nipples, one in the middle of the wheel position, one in the guide wheel position. Once the protective plate wear, chain rails easily slide outside the protective plate, causing the track to deviate. Then need to repair or replace the chain plate.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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