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technological breakthroughs

Can be said to verify the development of new things is bound to go through the heavy hone the truth, which is the premise of technological breakthroughs, which is the development and opportunities. There are several significant advantages to the adhesive and cement mortar ratio: First, the cement is condensed relatively fast.fancy wooden fence doors Trinidad and Tobago
it is easy to solidify and harden when scraping glue, causing difficulties in construction. , And glue solidification time is slow, flexible, easy to comb stripes, but also a certain anti-draining ability (take EP sheet to give an example, that is, paved EP sheet under the action of gravity without external force bearing Care, depending on the adhesive itself can not stick the adhesive), is conducive to the construction of thin plastic decking cladding boardSecond, the cement in the solidification of a greater degree of contraction, a strong shrinkage of stress can lead to serious deformation of the EP sheet and the base surface; adhesive shrinkage is very small, to avoid the above shortcomings. Third, the cement and adhesives compared to toughness, paste EP sheet when the building by the temperature difference, the impact of thawing, as well as the building itself, the settlement and deformation, will affect the EP sheet and the base surface bonding.installing floating laminate wood flooring So the choice of flexibility (lateral deformation) of the binder, can offset part of the deformation stress to avoid tile peeling. Fourth, EP sheet water absorption is very low, ordinary cement mortar can not provide good adhesion. And compared with the cement mortar comparison, the use of adhesive paving non-toxic pollution, but also energy saving, and because of the flexibility of the adhesive, so that the paved EP sheet has a certain elastic coefficient, can withstand heavy impact on the ground caused by the impact , Will not lead to pavement cracks. Even Adaide adhesives also have a good fire porch floor covering Forum Index -> User Introductions
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