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Subgrade compaction machinery is divided into several

<p>One, every day</p>
<p>1. Roller to check for oil, water, gas leakage and mechanical overheating;
2. Roller inspection diesel engine oil, coolant and hydraulic oil level;
3. Roller to check the tire pressure and damage;<a href="">professional asphalt milling machine supplier</a>

4. Roller inspection instruments and lights;
5. Press the butter at each hinge point.</p>

<p>Second, every 50 hours</p>
<p>1. Check the drive shaft bolts before and after fastening;
2. Check the transmission oil level;
3. Check the adjustment foot brake and hand brake, brake booster oil;
4. Check the throttle control, variable speed control system;</p>

<p>Third, every 100 hours</p>
<P>1. Replace the gearbox oil (replace every 600 hours thereafter) and clean the sump filter;
2. Replace the engine oil (replaced every 600 hours thereafter);
3. Check the battery liquid level, the battery wiring head painted Vaseline;
4. Check the rim and brake disc bolts,<a href="">Concrete Vibratory Truss Screed</a>
bridge bolts fastening situation;
5. Check the fastening bolts.</P>

<p>Fourth, every 200 hours</p>
<p>1. Check front and rear axle oil level;
2. Clean the air filter (if necessary, replace the filter);
3. Cleaning oil, diesel, transmission oil filter;
4. Measuring the tire pressure is 0.27 ~ 0.31Mpa;
5. Check the working device, before and after the frame weld is cracking;
6. Check generator and fan belt tightness.</p>
<p>Five, every 600 hours</p>
<p>1. Replace front and rear axle gear oil (change every 1000 hours);
2. Clean the oil filter of the diesel tank;
3. Clear the water tank, radiator surface contaminants;
4. Replace the engine oil, replace the oil, diesel oil filter;
5. Replace the transmission oil and oil filter;
6. Check the engine valve clearance.</p>

<p>Six, every 1200 hours</p>
<p>1. Replace the hydraulic oil,<a href="">lasting value blacktop sealing equipment manufacturer</a>
clean or replace the oil filter, cleaning tank;
2. Check the operation of the engine;
3. Check the hydraulic system work;
4. Check steering system performance;
5. Check brake system performance and replace brake oil.</p>

<p>Seven, every 2400 hours</p>
<p>1. Follow engine instructions to service the engine;
2 disassemble the gearbox and torque converter;
3. disassemble the front and rear axles;
4. Check all parts of the machine weld.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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