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Melodie Alter

Studying Digital Marketing

As they say "learning never stops", I enrolled in a Digital Marketing crash course to prepare for a new work assignment to be given to me by 4th quarter of this year. Anyway, we have reach the PPC (pay per click) topic and I'm quite confused especially about negative keywords. What are the benefits of effectively using negative keywords and how does the negative keyword tool work? I hope someone here would be able to help me. Thanks!

Hi, negative keywords should be utilize and be use correctly to be beneficial because this can help you avoid targeting unrelated sites. These keywords are relevant to make a  budget friendly PPC ( Pay Per Click advertising).
Melodie Alter

Thanks for the reply. I am actually reading a lot of blogs and is watching tutorial videos so I can fully understand PPC campaign management.

I am also looking into using PPC jobs as a part time job. I never thought that this seminar can be so interesting. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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