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Solid wood flooring - teak Lin brand teak (herringbone) floo

     Cork flooring is very suitable for families with children or elderly home use, the staff took out a stretch ball, the scene in a cork flooring and solid wood flooring to do the experiment, the ball dropped on the cork floor sound very light, while the solid wood There was a loud noise on the floor. This is the advantage of cork flooring. Associated with the current Apple phone is not Naishuai, with cork flooring is not on the unintentional fall of the Apple phone also has a protective effect ah.

     PS: to the store to see the cork flooring should be aware that the cork flooring surface feels frizzled, so after the pavement of cork flooring in the surface layer of water imported German paint, but do not worry, this water-based paint Benzene-free formaldehyde, very environmentally friendly. Cork flooring after brushing paint is also more durable.
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