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solid wood flooring prices rose

<p>If the country on the floor formaldehyde content of the standard once again raised,<a href="">anti fungal pvc handrail wholesales</a> then the price of solid wood flooring have to rise. It is understood that the price of solid wood flooring is still generally higher than last year 30 yuan / square meter or more. According to Miss Lee is the decoration of the house revealed that the red star Meikailong inside the solid wood flooring prices rose, some solid wood flooring six months ago only 130 yuan / square meter, and now have risen to more than 200 yuan / square outdoor decking pricing Shanghai Anxin flooring Co., Ltd. International Purchasing Department manager Zhu Xiuqi analysis, as the solid wood flooring is mainly South American timber</p>
<p> after the Spring Festival South American material raised three times the price, the first two gains were about 15% in early May rose 7% to 8 %about. Solid wood prices soon affected the floor price.<a href="">best material for second floor</a> Shunde District of Foshan City, Ying Bin Wood Co., Ltd. brand management center director Hu Zhuangqi said that they imported the South American material three times the total price increase of nearly 30%. "The price of imported timber is rising and our costs are increasing rapidly,composite fence panels how to install but because of the high market competition, the downstream prices are not going up, causing some small and medium-sized enterprises to withdraw from the market," said Chen Yu, general manager of the company, Only by launching the new standard E0, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the high-end market. </p>
<p>"Production enterprises to speed up the reshuffle" international market prices of wood is on the rise, but the domestic products such as plywood prices can not be synchronized with the raw materials rose,<a href="">how long a composite deck will last</a> forming a price upside down , This is a very dangerous phenomenon. "Chen Yu believes that this year will be the floor market" shuffle "years. Compared to plywood, furniture industry, solid wood flooring industry "reshuffle" has begun. According to Chen Yu understanding, in Nanxun about 30% of the solid wood flooring manufacturers closed down. Wood industry association expert Mr. Zhu also said that the matter,what is best roof tile in the philippines according to his understanding, the proportion of enterprises eliminated from the possible may be as high as 50%. This period of time, the domestic wood flooring prices are very unstable, up and down, about swing. </p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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