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solid wood flooring and composite floor

In all previous classics nearly 30 years after beginning, now floor profession group brand of each big floor board is bristly, market competition is sent more acuteness. Because the profession is accurate introductory cage is relatively inferior, swarm into the company ceaseless increase of professional group every year. Although this kind of idea expanded dimensions of domestic floor occupational, but this also caused more market chaos to resemble on certain level. Among them, copy copy word for word is raided become one of relatively austere random elephants. In current floor profession market, be modelled on, borrowed, follow idea is to emerge in endlessly more, feel deeply ashamed making a person, businessman of a lot of floors is in exhibit every year there is some of worry more or less on the meeting, be afraid that those who exhibit is new taste oneself to had not rolled out bazaar, was given to be modelled on by other. Mountain fastness floor makes achieve stylist be bitterly disappointed oneself, make achieve company incur loss oneself, still harmed the interest of consumer, threw into confusion bazaar, roily the profession begins order. That why mountain fastness floor still has so big market, hit repeatedly be but still be one reappear,pressed? On one hand, floor market is still immature, during the initial stage that still turns at the brand, professional slack, professional standard is not quite specific, professional standard is lacked, lack perfect bazaar to superintend at the same time, this a series of explicit element was brought about borrowed copy risks idea austere. On the other hand, the company lacks self-discipline, partial company for the increase with temporary oneself, encroach the rights and interests of other ceaselessly, these year a few " mountain fastness floor " bazaar of the floor that mix mark, encroached the intellectual property of other not merely, more austere the market order with threw into confusion normal. Resistance borroweds random elephant needs to endeavor jointly with all possible means besides, the weakness of consciousness of company dimension authority and house of dimension authority capital do not fall high, also became a lot of companies to abandon safeguarding from intellectual property, hold the post of a person " those who copy use " one big main essential factor. The long-standing of mountain fastness civilization of Chinese manufacturing industry, respecting " mountain fastness " one word, the it may be said inside each this domains in China is be all-pervasive, some more advanced year of floor profession that begins quickly is more such. For can one pace reachs the designated position, acquire market quickly approbate, and in consumer famous degree, while partial floor company is being borroweded, some also is borroweding other. Mimic eventually is mimic, "Mountain fastness people " rear mix after all the biggest victim still is consumer, can follow only because of the person that borrowed those who got a product is explicit, cannot follow the connotation of the product. Want to be put an end to thoroughly " mountain fastness door " happen again, demand is whole floor occupational endeavors jointly, self-conscious resistance borroweds, the distinctive place that should be known and begins ego is highlighted from value, not not implicit popularity, blind rate of exchange. Otherwise, not merely the company is begun will be restricted, whole occupational future all also will be destroyed. Floor bazaar follows to copy Xi Zhifeng and can not depend on one-sided merely endeavor, only floor company and consumer endeavor jointly, on floor bazaar borrowed random elephant ability from go up at all get effecting a radical cure, also be like this only, ability from resist substantially follow of the product develop market.  
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