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so that China's flooring

<p>the opportunity to actively complete the industrial upgrading and restructuring, re-integration of market resources, so that China's flooring industry has been healthy development, which is not the floor Industrial blessing. Some companies said that the domestic flooring market will not be affected; and some companies said that in 2010 felt great pressure, so hope in 2011, did not want to, 2011 compared with 2010, There have been no less than. So, the current economic form and the purchase of the policy on whether the impact of the floor market? The property market continues to slump, rising prices, market instability, the development prospects of next year's flooring business? Flooring companies are facing an </p>
<p>unprecedented wash China's Forest Products Industry Association (former president) adviser Zhang Senlin detailed the flooring industry this year's development status and the development trend of China's flooring industry in 2012, and on the current economic form of China Of the floor of the enterprise made a warning. 2011 flooring market: weakness due to China's real estate market regulation and control policies and the impact of the economic situation is not optimistic, Zhang forest with soft words to describe this year's flooring market. For those who say that the real estate policy on the floor has no effect on the market argument, Zhang Senlin said: real estate purchase, housing sales decline will </p>
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