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so as to reduce the damage degree

<p>position relative to other local wood stairs more easily moldy, soft. Therefore, the utility model can be coated with a layer of solidified abrasion resistant paint on the steps, handrails, and the like, so as to reduce the damage degree of the local wear and reduce the humidity of the stairs in the humid environment. At the same time the stairs should immediately inadvertently wet cloth is wiped dry, to avoid water </p>
<p>infiltration in sheet material. 3, maintenance tips: clean way to use in daily life, clean the stairs do not use large quantities of water scrubbing, some people feel afraid of the stairs easily dirty, often scrub with water stairs, so easy to damp the stairs. It is generally recommended to clean once a week, just clean the surface dust interface with a clean broom, if there are stains on the surface can be cleaned with </p>
<p>detergent and then scrub with a soft cloth. In the wet weather, can be placed in the vicinity of the wooden stairs, a number of absorbent, charcoal and other absorbent items to help reduce the moisture of wood stairs. In addition, when the wet weather to clean the stairs, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean, found on the surface of the pedal and handrails can be used dry cloth wipe. Part2: beware of the </p>
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photos of plastic decking in uk</p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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