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Shun floor why to contrarian

<p>consumers in the purchase of goods, but also pay great attention to the brand's reputation. Shun floor is rooted in Shanghai 17 years old brand in the industry is the oldest brand, reputation is very good. Visited the market, Shun floor, an old customer told reporters to use the floor more than ten years experience: 10 years ago, the decoration company recommended to me the solid wood flooring. The material is very good, the price and feel affordable. With 10 years, the floor is no deformation at home. I heard that large-scale buy security activities in December, I am ready to go with his son to see. Anxin floor has been adhering to seventeen years to concentrate on wood governance, only for your family's core values, from quality to environmental protection and then to the reputation of the Shanghai market share of the capital to make the best interpretation.
<p>Flooring industry in 2010, building materials on the basis of the countryside to further promote the process of wood products to the countryside. The rural market is a big market has not yet been fully developed, which is a lot of businesses and distributors have felt, for example, in 2009 the first to open up the rural market to strengthen the leading flooring boss elephant flooring. In the past year the flooring industry experienced a double anti-investigation, building materials to the countryside, a series of events such as price regulation, flooring industry in the future will move in what direction? Low-carbon environmental protection In order to promote low-carbon environmental protection process, the flooring industry will To Bijia as the leader, to promote multi-layer parquet, China Forest Products Industry Association will promote multi-layer parquet industry more standardized, more </p>
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