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<p>not understand, what is the stone plastic floor? Reporter in the market On the visit found that many brands have their own stone plastic floor. According to reports, stone plastic flooring is based on polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, and by adding marble powder and high density, high fiber mesh structure of solid grassroots, the surface covered with wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer, and stone Plastic flooring is also known as the formal name PVC sheet flooring. In addition, the stone floor also underwent multiple processes for processing. According to LG stone floor sales staff, plastic floor by plasticizing, calendering, heat treatment, coating, punching and other multiple, complex process production and processing. Stone plastic floor</p>
<p> applications and prices? Tooling and outdoor use is not only a special stone floor brand, but also some of the traditional flooring brands have also started to get involved in the field of stone flooring. In the domestic market, stone plastic floor is still in the initial stage, in the home decoration, the consumer has not yet chosen the habit of such material flooring, more often when the floor of the stone floor, , Stone plastic floor or used in a number of tooling and outdoor decoration, such as a number of office buildings, hotels and outdoor pavilion and so on. According to reports, the stone floor in fact, home decoration in foreign countries is very popular, but in the country, people seem to prefer the solid wood flooring and laminate flooring.</p>
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