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Shenzhen Nanshan Xili established waste furniture processing

<P>Beijing consumers if the decoration of the house, Amoy home products, there are several places will go: the north of the house, the east of the Meikailong, west of Jimei home, south of the city outside the city, or in the Trilateral side of the Shili River bubble on the day. There are people who do not like the store's Ukrainian,inexpensive sun reach? folding chairs for the beach will be in the United States grams of the United States, Qu Mei home and other exquisite and complete independent home stroll stroll. Or, there are "omnipotent" IKEA can go shopping for most of the day.</P>
<P>However, in the "Guangsha era" a recent round of market visits found that many of the original independent of the home is not willing to enter the home city of the brand in the red star and other stores there, a lot of the original in the store where the wind and water products are also Large shopping malls face children. Not only home stores have a new face, inside and outside the beginning of a new round of diversion, interesting home shop is blossom everywhere,folding tanning chair which makes consumers choose a lot more. Seeking the same survival and independence shop quietly drilled into the store This is not a new discovery. Consumers have independent stores for the home brand, already have a deep-rooted impression, when they are gradually appear in the home store when it is really a good thing.</P>
<P>First, Beijing consumers are familiar with the Qu Mei home shop to the Jimei, Blue Jing Li home and the Red Star Macalline, solid wood, plate, custom products are covered, and the top 100, China, Europe and other brands with the strength of the same Taiwan. Then, there are US grams of home to break the independent store model,white beach chair wholesaler the A.R.T. brand into the home store. Hong Kong has always been deep shopping center, the overall American home brand Harbor House, Beijing also put the eighth store in the store. And A.R.T. the same is that they have chosen a collection of many well-known brands of the East Fourth Ring Red Star Macalline.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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