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shed flooring

<p>shed flooring. The comprehensive view, in recent years, solid wood flooring raw materials rose as much as 100%, up to 50% of composite materials. Export-oriented enterprises face changes in export tax rebate policy is to focus on sales from a simple export, export sales within the two-pronged approach. Adjustment of sales strategy is imperative. Since the global financial crisis in 2007, if 2009 is the recovery period, 2010 is the growth period, then 2011 is China's furniture and building materials industry in recent decades, an unprecedented winter. The State Council Development Research Center of Macroeconomics Research Department Yu Bin made a classic comment: the real estate industry kidnapping China's economy, the real estate industry in China's various industries c</p>
<p>an be seen. This year, the country's strong regulation of the real estate industry, the new version of the eight countries and provinces, municipalities and the implementation details of the introduction of the property market as a downstream industry, furniture, building materials industry sales this year is subject to a direct impact.In fact, as early as the beginning of this year on March 23, came from the US Department of Commerce to come from China's multi-storey wood flooring, the collection of 27.01% of the countervailing duty and up to 281% of the anti-dumping duties . May the US Commerce Department announced the imposition of anti-dumping tariffs, the initial decision on imports from China worth more than 100 million US dollars of wood flooring anti-dumping duties, the tax rate of up to n</p>
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