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Shanghai Seven Trust flooring

Another member of staff said. Then improves with the universal instrument, after will contact on the ground, on display temperature indicating began to rise sharply, finally stopped at a temperature of 93 degrees. Recently, the amazon jungle of travelling from as far away as Brazil ugandans of Indian chief, audi and other 4 randomly, people came to the river city wuhan.
They xiaodongmen, ikea in wuchang jumped up on the square of the original Indian dance, singing happy songs, reveal its full of mysterious culture to the audience, attracted many residents rushed to onlookers. Audi's chief from the Brazilian amazon a primitive tribe Bakairis PAIKAN tribes.
In 2004, domestic well-known floor manufacturer Shanghai Seven Trust flooring co., LTD. For $40 million, 1000 square kilometers in the amazon river Indian tribes bought every primitive forest, and of which 500000 mu of free of charge donated to the tribe, the tribal people very moved.
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