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Sany Large Excavator, the Fighter in Mine

With the fast development of mine construction, the demand for large excavators has become larger and larger. Focused on improving self-innovation and R&D capability, Sany has been in the leading position of excavator manufacturing and sales for many years. Hydraulic Excavator With excellent performance and super design, Sany diggers are well-received both in China and abroad.

Specially designed for mineral construction, Sany large digger is improved in many aspects. Mini Excavator The broadened and lengthened chain board, the strengthened X frame and the enhanced jibs greatly improve the machine’s safety and reliability. Equipped with reliable engine and hydraulic control system, the large excavator has the features of high efficiency and low fuel consumption. excavator repair The board under the bucket rod is strengthened, which not only highly extends the rod’s service life but also improves the machine’s digging force. What is more, the bucket rod adopts advanced robot automatic welding and online examining technology, making the welding level reach the first-class standard in China. What is more, the heavy-duty chassis system greatly enhances its stability. Small Excavators

The excellent performance in controllability, stability, durability anddigging force not only make the large excavator become the best digging tool in mine constructionbut also make it stable and reliable enough to create the maximum profits for customers.excavator construction Winning high recognition from customers,Sanylarge digger possesses an increasing market share since its launch and is entitled with“the fighter of the mine”.crawler excavator Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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