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Road works fine focus

<p>For the effective prevention and treatment of diseases of urban roads, extend the life of the road, to further improve road traffic environment,<a href="">Asphalt Cracks Paste Seam Zone</a> since mid-March, Pingdu Rural Construction Bureau to seize the current favorable opportunity suitable temperature, to focus its efforts on urban main road asphalt crack filling conservation work has been completed pouring 10,000 meters, infusion asphalt adhesive 9 tons.</p>
<p>Diseases of the city's main roads to conduct a statistical investigation, determination of Hongqi Road, Canton Road, Renmin Road, Zhengzhou Road, Tsingtao Avenue, nine major roads, pouring asphalt implement conservation work, asphalt crack filling work of about 20 000 meters, has now completed half before the planned end of fully completed. Composed of more than 20 professional construction team, equipped with hot-melt machine, slitting machinery, road blowers, pouring machinery,<a href="">lasting value asphalt paving equipment resellers</a> professional equipment and removal of the vehicle, based on the width of the disease road crack, depth, such as the implementation of road towards the slit, then perfusion asphalt rubber. Lanzhou Road (Tianjin Road - Lanzhou Road) pavement refurbishment, with a total area of about 648 square meters, expected to be completed before April 10. On Red Road (north gate in front of the emperor) road subsidence repair, the total area of about 17 square meters, was fully completed repair work on March 21 in the afternoon.</p>
<p>In addition, strict quality control pouring. Organize road maintenance technician attendant operations, on-site guidance, and in strict accordance with the technical specifications for the construction work. Strict construction process, pay close attention to grooving, clear joints, perfusion, conservation and other key aspects, the "fine conservation" concept through to each step, do a good job of process control, so that the seam completely clear, pouring full to ensure the conservation of mass , construction waste generated timely removal.</p>
<p>Reporters learned that, for pouring asphalt assembly-line work, fast track characteristics, strengthen the construction site safety management, as required by placing safety signs, safety signs and moved at any time according to the progress of works. Staff with reflective signs clothes and set the scene construction signs to alert passing vehicles bypass,<a href="">Waterproof slip road construction</a> ensure construction safety and vehicle traffic safety.</p Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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